Sunday, February 4, 2024

Full Lists of Investment Letters

4th Quarter 2023

If you enjoy going through 13-F filings, take look at Q1 2023, Q2 2023, Q3 2023 and Q4 2023 for the 13-F Fillers i read on regular basis.


Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
St. James Investment Company 1/10/2024
East72 Dynasty Trust1/10/2024ELFIF
Palm Valley Capital Fund1/10/2024MNRO WLY
Vltava Fund1/10/2024ANCTF ABG BRK-B BUR CVS
Fiduciary Management Inc.1/10/2024BJ CARR DEO
Akre Focus Fund1/10/2024
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund1/10/2024NTRS CNC CABO
Heartland Value Fund1/10/2024UGI WOW CGAU
Heartland Value Plus Fund1/10/2024
Right Tail Capital1/10/2024
Ace River Capital1/10/2024VOXR
Leaven Partners1/15/2024
Oakmark Fund1/15/2024
Oakmark Global Fund1/15/2024A KR RHHVF
Oakmark Global Select Fund1/15/2024COF BAYRY RHHVF
Oakmark International Fund1/15/2024RYAAY WRDLY
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund1/15/2024KNCRY VLMTY LNXSF
Oakmark Select Fund1/15/2024AXP PAYC PSX
Sohra Peak Capital Partners1/17/2024
Upslope Capital Management1/17/2024CMGMY NVT NNWWF INTC
Smead International Value Fund1/17/2024
Smead Value Fund1/17/2024
Distillate Capital1/17/2024
Pzena Investment Management1/17/2024
Hoisington Investment Management1/17/2024
Ensemble Fund1/17/2024NFLX
Baron Health Care Fund1/20/2024SYK IMVT BSX SGRY
Baron Real Estate Fund1/20/2024AMT EQR CZR
Madison Dividend Income Fund1/20/2024
Madison Investors Fund1/20/2024
Madison Mid Cap Fund1/20/2024
Madison Small Cap Fund1/20/2024MC LZ CHRD
Madison Sustainable Equity Fund1/20/2024
Miller Deep Value1/20/2024WAL NBR GCI
Miller Income Fund1/20/2024WAL BKE JXN RILY OGN MED
Atai Capital Management1/20/2024ALOT
Comus Investments1/20/2024
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)1/20/2024GEHC
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)1/20/2024
Merion Road Capital1/20/2024SUM UNTC NAPA
Bernzott Capital Advisors1/27/2024
White Falcon Capital Management1/27/2024NU
O'Keefe Stevens1/27/2024FPH AER EAF
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund1/27/2024
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund1/27/2024
Praetorian Capital 1/27/2024
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund1/27/2024
Weitz Multy Cap Equity Fund1/27/2024
Weitz Large Cap Equity Fund1/27/2024
Curreen Capital1/27/2024
Rowan Street Capital1/27/2024ADYEY META SPOT TTD TOITF
Parnassus Growth Equity Fund1/28/2024
McIntyre Partnerships1/28/2024GTX SHC
Legacy Ridge Capital Management1/28/2024VST
Moon Capital1/28/2024MBIN
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth1/28/2024META GOOG AAPL TSM
Smoak Capital1/28/2024FTLF HMM-A GWOX
Old West Capital Management1/28/2024UHAL
Palm Harbour Capital1/28/2024SLVYY
Mairs & Power Growth Fund1/28/2024
Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund1/28/2024
The Ithaka Group1/28/2024
Greenlight Capital1/28/2024ALIT VTRS
Horizon Kinetics1/28/2024
Cedar Creek Partners1/28/2024PCHM SODI PDRX CZBS ROYTL UBAB SKAS
Claret Asset Management1/28/2024
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund1/28/2024
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund1/28/2024
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund1/28/2024COLL
Third Avenue Value Fund1/28/2024BMWYY BOMFX
Laughing Water Capital1/28/2024NN APG LFCR LMB THRY CDMO HGV
Vulcan Value Partners1/28/2024
Whitebrook Capital Partners 1/28/2024BLDR MOS GPRE RILY
Patient Capital Management1/28/2024CROX RPRX ILMN SDRL EXPE COIN MAT GOOSKOS
Alluvial Capital Management1/28/2024NLOP FTLF CRAWA MRC LCIT SENEA
Giverny Capital Asset Management2/02/2024ALGN IBP ASHTY
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund2/02/2024MAMA CMT
Emeth Value Capital2/02/2024DRVN
Fairlight Alpha Fund LP2/02/2024MCCRF
Choice Equities Fund2/02/2024BXC PAR
Appleseed Fund2/02/2024DG WCC GNK
Blue Tower Asset Management2/02/2024
The London Company - Large Cap2/02/2024
The London Company - Mid Cap2/02/2024KEYS
The London Company - Small Cap2/02/2024PLUS RVLV
The London Company - Small-Mid Cap2/02/2024DAVA
Gehlen Bräutigam Capital GmbH2/02/2024BIJ.DE
Plural Investing2/04/2024KD XPEL
FPA Crescent Fund2/04/2024META GOOG FE
GreenWood Investors2/04/2024NXE BOIVF PDD RTO CTTOF MEIP FINMY
RF Capital Management2/04/2024
Greystone Capital Management2/04/2024THRY FC SYZLF BELFB LMB CURN APG
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity2/04/2024BDWBY
Harding Loevner Global Equity2/04/2024NOW VERX
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies2/04/2024
Harding Loevner International Equity2/04/2024
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity2/04/2024
Baron Asset Fund2/04/2024BIRK
Baron Discovery Fund2/04/2024AAON
NZS Capital2/04/2024
Polen Capital - Emerging Markets Growth2/16/2024
Polen Capital - Focus Growth2/16/2024
Polen Capital - Global Growth2/16/2024
Polen Capital - Global SMID Company Growth2/16/2024NVO ABT EL ALGN NSRGY
Polen Capital - International Growth2/16/2024MDT TEP.FP HDB TMNSF
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth2/16/2024CNM MEDP GNRC LGIH MODG BWMN
Polen Capital - U.S. SMID Company Growth 2/16/2024MEDP CNM POOL TECH GNRC MKTX
SouternSun Small Cap2/16/2024LOB DY BDC SAM
SouternSun SMID Cap2/16/2024DY AWI BDC SAM FND
Greenhaven Road Capital2/16/2024PAR KKR CLBT APG BUR IWG
Crestcat Capital2/16/2024
Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC2/16/2024CCCS MSA IRMD
Bonhoeffer Capital Management2/18/2024VTY.L ABG ASHTY UBAB FFBB NBN BLDR
Silver Ring Value Partners2/18/2024BCKIF AIMFF OI QRTEA
Third Point Offshore Fund2/18/2024
Tweedy Browne2/18/2024
LVS Advisory2/18/2024CLMT
Baron Emerging Markets Fund2/18/2024PDD KAYNES.IN
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund2/18/2024SQ
Headwaters Capital2/18/2024IPAR
Long Cast Advisers 2/18/2024MTRX CCRD QRHC
Miller/Howard Investments3/01/2024
Bronte Capital3/01/2024HIBB
Semper Augustus3/02/2024
Aristotle - Core Equity3/02/2024LLY VRTX
Aristotle - Focus Growth3/02/2024
Aristotle - International Equity ADR3/02/2024
Aristotle - Large Cap Growth3/02/2024DDOG
Aristotle - Small Cap Equity3/02/2024NOG
Aristotle - Small/Mid Cap Equity3/02/2024NOG LKQ
Aristotle - Value Equity3/02/2024TDY USB
Manole Capital Management3/02/2024
Silver Beach Capital3/02/2024BN ET
MCJ Capital Partners3/02/2024
Maran Capital Management3/02/2024CLAR SLGD
Saltlight Capital 3/02/2024META APP
Goehring & Rozencwajg3/02/2024

3rd Quarter 2023
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
East72 Dynasty Trust10/19/2023VIRT
Cove Street Capital10/19/2023MGM SSP LFCR ECVT HNRG CNX DLHC AMSWA
Vltava Fund10/19/2023ELV
Comus Investments10/19/2023
LVS Advisory10/19/2023SENEA
Coho Relative Value Equity10/20/2023
Rowan Street Capital10/20/2023META
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund10/20/2023FAF NOV SPB
Heartland Value Fund10/20/2023MHK NFG STC
Heartland Value Plus Fund10/20/2023CRI
Myrmikan Research10/20/2023
Fiduciary Management Inc.10/20/2023VVV SYY CCEP
Leaven Partners10/20/2023
St. James Investment Company 10/20/2023
The Ithaka Group10/20/2023
Right Tail Capital10/20/2023FERG CNSWF
Laughing Water Capital10/20/2023CDMO THRY HGV LFCR
Curreen Capital10/20/2023
Akre Focus Fund10/20/2023
Gehlen Bräutigam Capital GmbH10/20/2023ANIM.IM EG7.SW MAB1.LN PHLL.L
Old West Capital Management10/21/2023ADMLF
Merion Road Capital10/21/2023SUM DSGR KLG
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth10/21/2023ORLY
Claret Asset Management10/21/2023
Ace River Capital10/21/2023RICK DSHK HZO
Madison Dividend Income Fund10/21/2023
Madison Investors Fund10/21/2023TXN A
Madison Mid Cap Fund10/21/2023DLTR
Madison Small Cap Fund10/21/2023FROG HAYW
Madison Sustainable Equity Fund10/21/2023TXN
Palm Valley Capital Fund10/21/2023LSDAF MLR CRD-A AAP TBI AVA FPI SSRM
Upslope Capital Management10/21/2023BALL
Manole Capital Management10/21/2023PYPL
Patient Capital Management10/21/2023C EXPE
Smead International Value Fund10/21/2023
Smead Value Fund10/21/2023
Vulcan Value Partners10/21/2023DEO MAR TXN UNH
Oakmark Fund10/22/2023CNC CSCO CTVA CVS DHRPSX
Oakmark Global Fund10/22/2023CHTR STJPF ORCL BC CSCO
Oakmark Global Select Fund10/22/2023CHTR CNHI GOOGL CS
Oakmark International Fund10/22/2023FSNUY WWLNF IITSF BNZL.L
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund10/22/2023SCHA.NOSTJPF KNCRF NENTF 8919 ICP.L FLRAF
Oakmark Select Fund10/22/2023IQV
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 10/22/2023
Aristotle - Core Equity10/22/2023ORCL META
Aristotle - Focus Growth10/22/2023ADBE META
Aristotle - International Equity ADR10/22/2023
Aristotle - Large Cap Growth10/22/2023ADBE META
Aristotle - Small Cap Equity10/22/2023PTEN TKO
Aristotle - Small/Mid Cap Equity10/22/2023PTEN TKO
Aristotle - Value Equity10/22/2023AMGN PSX XYL MCHP
L1 Capital Long Short Fund10/22/2023
Cooper Investors CI Australian Equities Fund10/22/2023
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)10/22/2023
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)10/22/2023
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund10/22/2023
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund10/22/2023
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund10/22/2023LXU
Third Avenue Value Fund10/22/2023
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund10/22/2023
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund10/22/2023
White Falcon Capital Management10/22/2023ROVR
Miller/Howard Investments10/22/2023
Plural Investing10/22/2023CURN DRTGF
Cedar Creek Partners10/23/2023PROM PCHM ROYTL SODI CZBS
Miller Deep Value10/23/2023NBR CHS AXL GTN BFH FOSL
Miller Income Strategy10/23/2023T CHS JXN WAL MPW OGN MED
Alta Fox Capital Management11/03/2023FCFS
Choice Equities Fund11/03/2023MGNI CROX SHAK
Tidefall Capital Management11/03/2023
Appleseed Fund11/03/2023DG WCC GNK
Baron Asset Fund11/03/2023ONON
Baron Discovery Fund11/03/2023S LLYVA EWCZ TXG
Ensemble Fund11/03/2023ADI MA
Silver Beach Capital11/03/2023DNTCF FNF C
Whitebrook Capital Partners 11/03/2023
Fairlight Alpha Fund LP11/03/2023CZBS MFBP EC
Polen Capital - Focus Growth11/04/2023LLY NVO
Polen Capital - Global Growth11/04/2023MSCI NVO
Polen Capital - International Growth11/04/2023NVO
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth11/04/2023CWAN XPEL EXLS
Polen Capital - Global SMID Company Growth11/04/2023TSYHF MORN PGNY DOCS CCCS XPEL
Polen Capital - U.S. SMID Company Growth 11/04/2023CWAN
Hoisington Investment Management11/04/2023
Pzena Investment Management11/04/2023
Bronte Capital11/04/2023REGN SRPT
Giverny Capital Asset Management11/04/2023CIEN SSNC SCHW ASHTF FI FERG
Alluvial Capital Management11/05/2023MCEM TLNE HMM-A SENEA FTLF PX
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund11/05/2023PRGS DCO MLR
L1 International Capital Fund11/05/2023BKNG INTU NRP
The London Company - Large Cap11/05/2023GOOG ALB MLM NSC
The London Company - Mid Cap11/05/2023LII ODFL DLTR ENTG FIS
The London Company - Small Cap11/05/2023TPX QLYS NEU ENOV LANC NGVT
The London Company - Small-Mid Cap11/05/2023BR LW CHDN LANC MTN WAT ZBRA
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund11/05/2023
Weitz Multy Cap Equity Fund11/05/2023
Weitz Large Cap Equity Fund11/05/2023MCHP EFX
Praetorian Capital 11/05/2023
Blue Tower Asset Management11/05/2023
Alger Spectra Fund11/05/2023VRT SLB GFL MSFT TMDX
Headwaters Capital11/10/2023ABCM INSP
Long Cast Advisers 11/10/2023PDEX SOTK RSSS
Baron Emerging Markets Fund11/10/2023MAHMF NU
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund11/10/2023CPNG
Donville Kent Asset Management11/10/2023RTMNF CTSDF RDCPF
Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC11/10/2023CSWI DH
Mairs & Power Growth Fund11/12/2023
Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund11/12/2023
MCJ Capital Partners11/12/2023CNSWF RDCPF JDG.L KSIOF
Greystone Capital Management11/12/2023BELFB MFCSF SENEA
Horos Funds11/12/2023CKNHF DALXF ONEXF
Horizon Kinetics11/12/2023
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund11/12/2023CELH VRTV SPLK DXCM NOVT SHOP
FPA Crescent Fund11/16/2023
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund11/16/2023FN IDCC DECK AEL MTZ UNFI SFBS CNXC LTHM
FPA Queens Road Value Fund11/16/2023
FPA Source Capital11/16/2023OTEX AVGO
SouternSun Small Cap11/16/2023SAM MUSA DY DAR
SouternSun SMID Cap11/16/2023

2nd Quarter 2023
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
East72 Dynasty Trust7/07/2023BOIVF
Alphyn Capital Management7/07/2023CCOI AMZN AHT.L
Comus Investments7/07/2023
St. James Investment Company 7/07/2023
Vltava Fund7/07/2023STLA
Palm Valley Capital Fund7/10/2023AAP TBI LSDAF
Old West Capital Management7/13/2023SMRT
Rowan Street Capital7/13/2023
Fiduciary Management Inc.7/13/2023RHI CDW RHHNY
Akre Focus Fund7/13/2023
Madison Investors Fund7/13/2023ANTM
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund7/13/2023HAS SRCL CNC
Heartland Value Fund7/13/2023MHK BHE HCSG
Heartland Value Plus Fund7/13/2023HCSG
Myrmikan Research7/13/2023
Distillate Capital7/13/2023
Right Tail Capital7/13/2023NVR
Oakmark Fund7/14/2023BAX CSL CE FCNCA IQV
Oakmark Global Fund7/14/2023CRBG DHR IQV
Oakmark Global Select Fund7/14/2023GOOG BABA COP DHR
Oakmark International Fund7/14/2023BMWYY BABA BMRI.JK RCRUY
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund7/14/2023OSP2.DENENTF AHEXY SPNS
Oakmark Select Fund7/14/2023COP
Atai Capital Management7/14/2023ALOT BELFB ATVI
Madison Dividend Income Fund7/14/2023UPS
Madison Mid Cap Fund7/14/2023WAT
Madison Small Cap Fund7/14/2023CNM
Madison Sustainable Equity Fund7/14/2023
White Falcon Capital Management7/14/2023NU AMD AMZN TECK EPAM
Pzena Investment Management7/14/2023
Silver Beach Capital7/14/2023ABG PLYA GOOGL
Smead International Value Fund7/16/2023
Smead Value Fund7/16/2023
Merion Road Capital7/16/2023EDR DSGR
1 Main Capital Partners7/19/2023BSFFF DNTL.TO IWG KKR LMB
LVS Advisory7/19/2023GOGO IBKR
Ace River Capital7/19/2023DSHK
Claret Asset Management7/19/2023
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth7/19/2023AAPL
Bernzott Capital Advisors7/19/2023GDEN ENOV COOP PLXS
Upslope Capital Management7/19/2023GRMN JPXGY
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 7/20/2023QUINENCO.SN
The Ithaka Group7/20/2023NVDA AMZN MSFT PODD MELI PYPL
Baron Health Care Fund7/20/2023BSX VEEV EXAS LEGN ACLX
Baron Real Estate Fund7/20/2023EQIX DLR IBP
Whitebrook Capital Partners 7/20/2023U
O'Keefe Stevens7/20/2023SPHR BOWL
Coho Relative Value Equity7/20/2023CVS DG USB
Gehlen Bräutigam Capital GmbH7/20/2023
Leaven Partners7/22/2023
Baron Asset Fund7/22/2023MORN BAH
Cooper Investors CI Australian Equities Fund7/22/2023WOR.AX AZJ.AX IFT.AX EBO.NZ
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)7/22/2023ULTA CDW
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)7/22/2023
Tidefall Capital Management7/22/2023FHN
Moon Capital7/22/2023FHN CNQ
Alluvial Capital Management7/22/2023LTKBF PLPC MCHB
Cedar Creek Partners7/22/2023PROM ROYTL CZBS MFBP SODI
Mindset Value Wellness Fund7/22/2023GFUSF
Hoisington Investment Management7/22/2023
Miller Deep Value7/24/2023GCI NBR QUAD WAL GTN
Miller Income Strategy7/24/2023RILY OMF MPW JXN VALE OGN
L1 Capital Long Short Fund7/24/2023
Blue Tower Asset Management7/24/2023
L1 International Capital Fund7/24/2023UNH
Deep Sail Capital7/26/2023RCMT
Aristotle - Core Equity7/26/2023SNPSNFLX
Aristotle - Focus Growth7/26/2023NFLX SPGI
Aristotle - International Equity ADR7/26/2023
Aristotle - Large Cap Growth7/26/2023NFLX SPGI
Aristotle - Small Cap Equity7/26/2023GXO CRNC
Aristotle - Small/Mid Cap Equity7/26/2023GXO POOL
Aristotle - Value Equity7/26/2023ATVI
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund7/26/2023SWRBY SVAUF BOWFF
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund7/26/2023SUIJLL
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund7/26/2023
Third Avenue Value Fund7/26/2023HRIBF
Silver Ring Value Partners7/26/2023
Ensemble Fund7/26/2023GOOG NOW
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund7/26/2023UFPT CALM ASH
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund7/26/2023
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund7/26/2023
The London Company - Large Cap7/27/2023RSG ALB
The London Company - Mid Cap7/27/2023ENTG VMC LII UNF SWKS CINF
The London Company - Small Cap7/27/2023MATX MUSA ENOV NGVT AUB CTS CABO CWST MRTN
The London Company - Small-Mid Cap7/27/2023ENTG TREX DECK THG UNF ST
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund7/27/2023PRM CCRD LBTYK
Weitz Partners Value Fund7/27/2023
Weitz Value Fund7/27/2023CHTR
Laughing Water Capital7/27/2023APG CDMO HGV LFCR THRY BVHMF ENZ
Headwaters Capital7/27/2023TMDX NSIT
Choice Equities Fund7/28/2023MGNI STGW PLCE
Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC7/28/2023FSS PL
Legacy Ridge Capital Management7/29/2023ETRN
Artisan Developing World Fund7/29/2023
Artisan Focus Fund7/29/2023
Artisan Global Discovery Fund7/29/2023BJ DIM:FP 603605:CH
Artisan International Value Fund7/29/2023
Artisan Mid Cap Fund7/29/2023KEY RBLX FWONK
Artisan Small Cap Fund7/29/2023DUOL SPXC SMAR
Artisan Value Fund7/29/2023
SouternSun Small Cap7/29/2023DY USPH NGVT DORM UNVR BOOT
SouternSun SMID Cap7/29/2023DY TREX NGVT USPH MGPI
Fairlight Alpha Fund LP7/29/2023OPRA INT.ST
Curreen Capital7/29/2023
MCJ Capital Partners8/02/2023
Horizon Kinetics8/02/2023MIAX
Miller/Howard Investments8/02/2023
Praetorian Capital 8/02/2023
Polen Capital - Focus Growth8/02/2023NVDA WDAY PYPL
Polen Capital - Global Growth8/02/2023NVDA WDAY GLOB
Polen Capital - International Growth8/02/2023
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth8/02/2023LESL ALIT SITM
Polen Capital - Global SMID Company Growth8/02/2023ALIT MKL SFTTF TMRAF
Polen Capital - U.S. SMID Company Growth 8/02/2023ALIT SITM MORN
Boyar Value Group8/02/2023
Maran Capital Management8/02/2023APG CDRE CLAR CTTOF BVHMF
Broyhill Asset Management8/02/2023SCHW NTDOY PYPL
Immersion Investments8/02/2023MPAA BSFFF FC IDT PBPB
Third Point Offshore Fund8/03/2023DHR
Mairs & Power Growth Fund8/03/2023
Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund8/03/2023
Baron Discovery Fund8/03/2023RGEN STVN DH
Donville Kent Asset Management8/07/2023RTMAF TCX SANG HMDPF DE.V
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund8/07/2023
Baron FinTech Fund8/07/2023NU
Vulcan Value Partners8/07/2023
Rondure Global8/07/2023
Argosy Investors8/10/2023DAVA ZROZ
Greenhaven Road Capital8/10/2023HGTY LFCR SPHR BNED APPS BUR CLBT PAR
Gator Capital Management8/10/2023OSBC HIFS
VGI Partners Global Investments8/10/2023CME AMZN GEHC DBOEY LNSTY DSFIR.AS
Crestcat Capital8/10/2023
Greenlight Capital8/15/2023NPWR ONEXF
Saltlight Capital 8/15/2023NVDA LRCX ASML APP
Giverny Capital Asset Management8/15/2023
Baron Opportunity Fund8/15/2023WWE MBLY RIVN
180 Degree Capital Corp.8/16/2023SNCR AREN SCOR IVAC PRBM CVGI QBTS PBPB
Sohra Peak Capital Partners9/08/2023

1st Quarter 2023
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
East72 Dynasty Trust4/03/2023BAIN.PA VWAGY
St. James Investment Company 4/06/2023
Comus Investments4/06/20231023.HK
Palm Valley Capital Fund4/06/2023CRD-A CRD-B MLR GENC
Boyar Value Group4/07/2023
Vltava Fund4/07/2023JFBHF
Leaven Partners4/08/2023
Richie Capital Group4/11/2023PERI FIX MSCI AMT ATEN AMT
LRT Capital4/11/2023
Myrmikan Research4/11/2023
Fiduciary Management Inc.4/11/2023UNH FBIN BKNG
Gehlen Bräutigam Capital GmbH4/12/2023BSFFF GYYMF 0OPA.L SEIGY SKB.DE HLFFF KSB.DE
Rowan Street Capital4/13/2023META TTD
Akre Focus Fund4/13/2023
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund4/13/2023CNC INGR IBKR TDC
Heartland Value Fund4/13/2023FIBK CGAU NSA
Heartland Value Plus Fund4/13/2023AVNS
Ace River Capital4/13/2023RICK HZO
Oakmark Fund4/13/2023KR TFC
Oakmark Global Fund4/13/2023AIG CGEMY COF COP ICE NVST
Oakmark Global Select Fund4/13/2023GOOG AIG GOOG
Oakmark International Fund4/13/2023CON.DE GLCNF ERFSF BNTGF
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund4/13/2023TMVWY OSP2.DE CIGI KSANF MEDX.SW
Oakmark Select Fund4/13/2023SCHW
Cove Street Capital4/13/2023LFCR CMP SSP NUVA HNRG LGF.B CLMB GLDD
Artisan Developing World Fund4/14/2023SE
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 4/14/2023
Right Tail Capital4/14/2023LAD
Madison Dividend Income Fund4/14/2023UPS
Madison Investors Fund4/14/2023GOOG USB SCHW
Madison Mid Cap Fund4/14/2023
Madison Small Cap Fund4/14/2023GOOG
Madison Sustainable Equity Fund4/14/2023LLY DHR ORCL
1 Main Capital Partners4/14/2023DNTL LMB
Atai Capital Management4/14/2023ALOT ATVI CABO
The Ithaka Group4/14/2023NVDA CRM MSFT ISRG SNOW DXCM
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth4/14/2023FRC TPL UNH SPGI META AAPL TSM GOOG
Distillate Capital4/14/2023
Blue Tower Asset Management4/17/2023SCHW
Smead International Value Fund4/18/2023
Smead Value Fund4/18/2023
Upslope Capital Management4/18/2023FTT.TO
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)4/18/2023BKNG
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)4/18/2023BKNG
Bernzott Capital Advisors4/19/2023GVA ATSG TCBI HLMN PTEN
Old West Capital Management4/19/2023AFM BG WLDBF
Merion Road Capital4/19/2023MWA WCC RFIL
Miller Income Strategy4/19/2023HDELY MSTR JXN VNA.DE MPW VTRS
Miller Deep Value4/19/2023MHO NBR GCI
Polen Capital - Global Growth4/19/2023ALGN MSFT SAP ABT AMZN TMO MA
Polen Capital - Global SMID Company Growth4/19/2023GSHD DAVA ALGN
Polen Capital - International Growth4/19/2023TLPFY
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth4/19/2023FQVTF CMPUY KXSCF SVPLF MYTE DAVA JDG.L
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth4/19/2023AZTA WRBY BMBL ALIT DCGO
Polen Capital - U.S. SMID Company Growth4/19/2023TTD ETSY WRBY ALGN MPWR
Miller Opportunity Equity4/19/2023UBS EXPE
Whitebrook Capital Partners 4/20/2023GPRE RILY KAR MOS AFYA
Ensemble Fund4/20/2023FRC BKNG RACE CMG NVR GOOG
O'Keefe Stevens4/20/2023
Baron Real Estate Fund4/20/2023CBRE BN BX RRRARE
Baron Discovery Fund4/20/2023SITM DKNG CERT
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund4/20/2023
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund4/20/2023
Praetorian Capital 4/21/2023JOE
Baron Health Care Fund4/21/2023RXDX COO WST DXCM EXAS
Aristotle - Core Equity4/21/2023EXPE ZTS
Aristotle - Focus Growth4/21/2023ON TSLA
Aristotle - International Equity ADR4/21/2023
Aristotle - Large Cap Growth4/21/2023ON ENPH GTLS BMRN TSLA
Aristotle - Small Cap Equity4/21/2023HASI
Aristotle - Small/Mid Cap Equity4/21/2023HASI TFX
Aristotle - Value Equity4/21/2023
Artisan Focus Fund4/22/2023
Artisan International Value Fund4/22/2023
Artisan Mid Cap Fund4/22/2023MKTX ROK BJ BSY AJG
Artisan Small Cap Fund4/22/2023CROX SAIA FOUR MKTX CWAN CDMO
Artisan Value Fund4/22/2023PNC USB BAX
Bronte Capital4/24/2023UBS FCNCA
Pzena Investment Management4/24/2023
Hoisington Investment Management4/24/2023
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund4/24/2023FSV SPSC VERX CHGG MEG XMTR
Baron Asset Fund4/25/2023PWR RGEN
Baron Partners Fund4/25/2023
Polen Capital - Focus Growth4/25/2023CRM UNH NVDA AAPL GOOG ADBE AMZN
Artisan Global Discovery Fund4/25/2023WST CWAN NTOIY
L1 International Capital Fund4/25/2023
Alluvial Capital Management4/27/2023HPS-A.TO PX UD.MI EACO SKTP
Cedar Creek Partners4/27/2023PDRX BMTX CZBS MFBP SODI ROYTL
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund4/27/2023
Weitz Partners Value Fund4/27/2023
Weitz Value Fund4/27/2023
Giverny Capital Asset Management4/27/2023SCHW ANET META
Silver Beach Capital4/29/2023ECNCF UHAL ALLY FCNCA GRBK
RiverPark Large Growth4/29/2023LULU UNH META NVDA UBER AAPL SCHW RNG
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund4/29/2023LULU UNH META NVDA SHOP SCHW
Crestcat Capital4/29/2023SCHW
FPA Crescent Fund4/29/2023HCMLF
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund4/29/2023SFBS AX
FPA Queens Road Value Fund4/29/2023
FPA U.S. Core Equity Fund4/29/2023META
Alphyn Capital Management4/29/2023WANSF EXXRF FRFHF PROSF BUR ENOV KMX BAM
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund4/29/2023SAMG
Curreen Capital4/29/2023
Baron Emerging Markets Fund4/29/2023000858.SZ PRNDY HINDUNILVR.NS TCS.NS 0L2T.L 051910.KS
Baron Opportunity Fund4/29/2023META MRVL DXCM GTLBTSLAAMZN INDI
Longleaf Partners Fund4/29/2023WBD GE MGM FDX PVH LUMN
Longleaf Partners Global Fund4/29/2023WBD GE TIGO FDX MGM LUMN
Longleaf Partners International Fund4/29/2023TIGO ACCYY
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund4/29/2023OSCR H LUMN
The London Company - Large Cap4/30/2023CVX
The London Company - Mid Cap4/30/2023SWKS CPRT ENTG MTB UNF HAS CBRE
The London Company - Small Cap4/30/2023VNT AQUA TPX LVN MUSA WTM ENOV
The London Company - Small-Mid Cap4/30/2023CHDN LW ENTG MBI JKHY STOR MUSA
SouternSun Small Cap4/30/2023BCO TKR LOB DAR
SouternSun SMID Cap4/30/2023WSO BCO DAR WRK LPX
NZS Capital4/30/2023
Andvari Associates4/30/2023TYL
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund5/02/2023HSKA GWRE NTRA XMTR CWAN GTLB
Alger Spectra Fund5/02/2023AAPL MSFT NVDA LLY UNH ACHC
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund5/09/2023
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund5/09/2023JLL CBRE SVS.L INGEF
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund5/09/2023WEDXF FRPH MSGE BATRA
Third Avenue Value Fund5/09/2023CMA
Greystone Capital Management5/10/2023GFF BSFFF POL SYZLF
Horos Funds5/10/2023MG PSHZF EAT.WA
Arch Capital Fund5/10/2023HRBR
MCJ Capital Partners5/10/2023
Headwaters Capital5/10/2023FND EYE
Laughing Water Capital5/10/2023LFCR
Deep Sail Capital5/11/2023MELI LEAT
Nordstern Capital5/11/2023STNE ASTL ERJ
Ave Maria Funds5/11/2023
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund5/15/2023TTD META TSLA NET
Rondure Global5/15/2023
Donville Kent Asset Management5/15/2023RTMNF TCX KUT.V GSY.TO CNSWF NVEI VHIBF
Vulcan Value Partners5/15/2023
Maran Capital Management5/15/2023DK RNGR
Silver Ring Value Partners5/15/2023OI GTXAP AIM.TO
Massif Capital5/15/2023LAC EQX
Saltlight Capital 5/19/2023
Kinsman Oak Equity Fund5/19/2023META
Voss Capital5/15/2023PLYA ASO ECNCF
Appleseed Fund5/15/2023MDT SWK SNV
Tweedy Browne5/19/2023
Long Cast Advisers 5/19/2023PESI MTRX
DMZ Partners5/19/2023
Palm Harbour Capital5/19/2023TKAGY
Horizon Kinetics5/19/2023PREKF TRC LAND AND.TO
Fairlight Alpha Fund LP5/19/2023MFBP CZBS OPRA
McIntyre Partnerships5/19/2023STHO MSGE SPHR
Sohra Peak Capital Partners5/19/2023DUR.AX
Greenhaven Road Capital5/19/2023PAR KKR CLBT APG BUR LFCR BNED
Gator Capital Management5/23/2023
RiverPark/Wedgewood Fund5/23/2023
Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC5/23/2023DGII EXPO BSY PCOR
Ariel Trust Funds5/23/2023BIDU LESL MSGE SRCL
Bonsai Partners6/02/2023HWDJY
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity6/02/2023KAKZF GLOB
Harding Loevner Global Equity6/02/2023ABBV NOC
Baron FinTech Fund6/02/2023IBKR APO
180 Degree Capital Corp.6/03/2023PBPB ALTG SNCR IVAC AREN QBTS
RGA Investment Advisors6/03/2023CTKB
Third Point Offshore Fund6/03/2023UBS GOOGL
Palm Capital6/03/2023GOOGL
Wedgewood Partners Focus SMID Cap6/03/2023JBHT LSTR SAIA
Baron Growth Fund6/12/2023CWAN DNUT
Baron Small Cap Fund6/12/2023CLVT
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies6/12/2023SNR.L PDX.ST
Harding Loevner International Equity6/12/2023HLN
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity6/12/2023SNR.L PDX.ST
Evermore Global Value Fund6/12/2023DHT
Goehring & Rozencwajg6/13/2023
Mairs & Power Growth Fund6/13/2023
Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund6/13/2023

4th Quarter 2022
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
St. James Investment Company 1/13/2023
Vltava Fund1/16/2023ARW GOOG
Comus Investments1/16/2023
East72 Holdings1/16/2023MANU MFG.AX
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth1/16/2023EW META
Concentrated Compounding*1/16/2023CNSWF TDG AMZN GOOG FRC RADI CHTR
Palm Valley Capital Fund1/16/2023
Moon Capital1/16/2023GRBK DVA
Rowan Street Capital1/16/2023SPOT META
Novel Investor1/16/2023
Merion Road Capital1/16/2023FERG GOOG CPRT MWA WHG MHH UBAB
Fairlight Alpha Fund LP1/17/2023MFBP CZBS OPRA
Old West Capital Management1/17/2023AEM GOLD NG SA WDO.TO MAI.V
Greenlight Capital1/17/2023GRBK DNMR CEIX TECK THC
FMI All Cap Equity1/19/2023
FMI International Equity1/19/2023
FMI Large Cap Equity1/19/2023
FMI Small Cap Equity1/19/2023
Akre Focus Fund1/19/2023
Madison Dividend Income Fund1/19/2023CVX
Madison Investors Fund1/19/2023FERG
Madison Mid Cap Fund1/19/2023LBRDA CLVT
Madison Small Cap Fund1/19/2023HAIN SMG
L1 International Capital Fund1/19/2023AMZN
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund1/20/2023EHC CABO UHAL RNR
Heartland Value Fund1/20/2023AJRD CCS SHYF PRMW
Heartland Value Plus Fund1/20/2023POWL
Miller/Howard Investments1/20/2023
Distillate Capital1/20/2023
Ensemble Fund1/20/2023MASI PAYX
Tidefall Capital Management1/20/2023FFXDF
LVS Advisory1/20/2023BJ BLK
Mar Vista Strategic Growth Fund1/20/2023
Smead Value Fund1/20/2023
Bernzott Capital Advisors1/20/2023
Hoisington Investment Management1/20/2023
Myrmikan Research1/20/2023
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund1/20/2023
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund1/20/2023BAM UHAL
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund1/20/2023
Third Avenue Value Fund1/20/2023
Whitebrook Capital Partners 1/23/2023GBX
Miller Income Strategy1/23/2023BKE HEI.DE VTRS RILY
Miller Opportunity Equity1/23/2023
Cove Street Capital1/23/2023LFCR IEHC LTRPA HRG CLMB VMD IAC
Upslope Capital Management1/23/2023ATS.TO BOKF GLT EMG.L
Tourlite Capital Management1/23/2023APG PRM VRRM
Blue Tower Asset Management1/24/2023
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)1/26/2023HLN TKELY
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)1/26/2023
Giverny Capital Asset Management1/26/2023PGR META KMX COHR ERFSF FRC ANET GOOG
L1 Capital Long Short Fund1/26/2023
Baron Health Care Fund1/26/2023CI HCA ASND OPCH MRNA
Nordstern Capital1/27/2023
Baron Real Estate Fund1/27/2023TOL LEN FND SHW
Weitz Hickory Fund1/27/2023
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund1/27/2023
Weitz Partners Value Fund1/27/2023
Weitz Value Fund1/27/2023
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund1/27/2023GHC FTAI GTES ODC
Alphyn Capital Management1/27/2023WANSF EXXRF FRFHF ALVO AMZN IAC BAM W
Cedar Creek Partners1/27/2023ROYTL MFBP CZBS PDRX MGAG
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund1/27/2023
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund1/27/2023
1 Main Capital Partners1/27/2023APG
Miller Deep Value1/30/2023NBR QUAD TUP MHO
White Falcon Capital Management1/30/2023AMD
Oakmark Fund1/30/2023ADBE MGA
Oakmark Global Fund1/30/2023KKR STJ.L
Oakmark Global Select Fund1/30/2023HCA AMZN COF
Oakmark International Fund1/30/2023AKZOY SDVKY
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund1/30/2023KNCRY TOWR.JK
Oakmark Select Fund1/30/2023ORCL ICE
Wedgewood Partners Focus SMID Cap1/30/2023GIL SHOO
Praetorian Capital 1/30/2023JOE
McIntyre Partnerships1/31/2023SHC MSGE
Long Cast Advisers 2/01/2023ENVX RSSS
Curreen Capital2/01/2023ASAI.ST WIX.L
IP-Capital Partners2/01/2023CNSWF TMO
NZS Capital2/01/2023
Alger Spectra Fund2/01/2023NFLX ABBV TDG AMZN TSLA DDOG
VGI Partners Global Investments2/01/2023CME AMZN DBOEY CFRUY SAP DIS RNMBY
Gator Capital Management2/02/2023CG
Legacy Ridge Capital Management2/02/2023EPD NRG VST DCP SMLP
Maran Capital Management2/02/2023CLAR CTT.LS VTY.L
Worm Capital2/02/2023AMZN TSLA
Baron Asset Fund2/02/2023ICLR
Ave Maria Funds2/02/2023SITM NJDCY
Vulcan Value Partners2/02/2023
Polen Capital - Emerging Markets Growth2/02/2023
Polen Capital - Focus Growth2/02/2023TMO
Polen Capital - Global Growth2/02/2023TMO NOW EL
Polen Capital - Global SMID Company Growth2/02/2023
Polen Capital - International Growth2/02/2023HDB
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth2/02/2023FSV TOI.V ERF.PA
Polen Capital - U.S. SMID Company Growth2/02/2023OLPX
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth2/02/2023SITM OLPX RHCCCS FSV
Alluvial Capital Management2/03/2023PX UD.MI APR.WA JOB RVIC FTLF SXP.TO
Sohra Peak Capital Partners2/03/2023
Longleaf Partners Fund2/03/2023CNX AMG GE CNHI LUMN IAC WBD
Longleaf Partners Global Fund2/03/2023
Longleaf Partners International Fund2/03/2023
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund2/03/2023WTM WEST MSGS LUMN
RGA Investment Advisors2/03/2023
Arch Capital Fund2/03/2023
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 2/03/2023
Donville Kent Asset Management2/06/2023RET.V
RiverPark Large Growth2/06/2023DDOG
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund2/06/2023PODD XPO COUP CRWD RXO GNRC
Saltlight Capital 2/06/2023RBLX BAM TCEHY BAT.JO
Greystone Capital Management2/06/2023GFF RICK BSFFF CURN IDT EDDRF POL
Lyrical Asset Management2/06/2023
Horos Funds2/07/2023PYPL BIDU ALD.PA
Pzena Investment Management2/07/2023
FPA Crescent Fund2/07/2023AIG AMZN
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund2/07/2023SJI RLI FN AEL
FPA U.S. Core Equity Fund2/07/2023AMZN DECK
Rondure Global2/09/2023
Choice Equities Fund2/09/2023CROX
Silver Ring Value Partners2/09/2023FRII.TO WINE.L
Bumbershoot Holdings2/09/2023
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund2/12/2023CHX INSP RXDX XMTR CYRX SWAV
Leaven Partners2/12/2023
Baron Opportunity Fund2/12/2023
Artisan Focus Fund2/12/2023
Greenhaven Road Capital2/12/2023PAR CLBT KKR ESTC APG PAT.DE CLAR
Third Point Offshore Fund2/13/2023AIG BBWI CL DD PCG
Mindset Value Fund2/13/2023HQI GLASF ARA.MX
Laughing Water Capital2/13/2023APG CDMO HGV THRY VTY.L LFCR
Crestcat Capital2/13/2023
Bonsai Partners2/16/2023FERG
Epoch Investment Partners2/16/2023
Artisan Global Discovery Fund2/16/2023MPWR 2734.T
Emeth Value Capital2/16/2023DESP
Baron FinTech Fund2/16/2023
MCJ Capital Partners2/17/2023
Saga Partners2/17/2023RDFN CVNA
Bireme Capital2/21/2023RICK NFLX BOIVF
Baron Growth Fund2/21/2023MSCI
Baron Partners Fund2/21/2023
Headwaters Capital2/21/2023ICFI
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund2/21/2023MEG PI CLB GDYN GKOS XMTR
Tweedy Browne2/22/2023
Baron Discovery Fund2/23/2023CDNA DH GTLS QLYS SMAR CYBR PAR
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund2/23/2023
Baron Small Cap Fund2/23/2023NEOG GTLS
Semper Augustus2/24/2023
Artisan Mid Cap Fund2/24/2023BSY HALO SAIA
Artisan Small Cap Fund2/24/2023CTLT SIVB MKTX
Artisan International Value Fund2/24/2023
Artisan Value Fund2/24/2023
Massif Capital2/24/2023SMEGF ADMLF CTTZF IXRRF LAC
Nitor Capital2/26/2023
Right Tail Capital2/26/2023ROST
Ariel Trust Funds2/26/2023BOKF CG ZBRA
Richie Capital Group2/26/2023FICO PERI RELL
Bronte Capital2/26/2023HLF GMHLF
Aikya Funds2/26/2023PBLOF
RiverPark/Wedgewood Fund2/26/2023EW META
Mawer Mutual Funds2/26/2023
Davis Financial Fund.2/26/2023MKL RKT
Davis Global Fund2/26/2023PNGAY META OC
Davis International Fund2/26/2023PNGAY CPNG
Davis New York Venture Fund2/26/2023COF WFC BRK.B AMAT META
Davis Opportunity Fund2/26/2023COF WFC BRK.B AMAT META
Templeton & Phillips Capital Management2/27/2023
RV Capital2/27/2023
Deep Sail Capital3/01/2023LEAT
Plural Investing3/02/2023CURN DRTGF
Kinsman Oak Equity Fund3/03/2023
Evermore Global Value Fund3/03/2023INW.MI HOEGF CLMT AASZF
Voss Capital3/03/2023ALTG
Bonhoeffer Capital Management3/13/2023KT TIIAY SSP GTN TIGO BLDR NICE
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity3/13/2023
Harding Loevner Global Equity3/13/2023
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies3/13/2023VAIAS.HE TMRAY 0QKB.L
Harding Loevner International Equity3/13/2023
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity3/13/2023
Appleseed Fund3/13/2023
Palm Harbour Capital3/16/2023LNA.PA
Fundsmith Equity Fund3/16/2023

3rd Quarter 2022
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
St. James Investment Company 10/16/2022
Vltava Fund10/16/2022ATD.TO BRK-B BMW.DE CVS JPM LMT MKL
Comus Investments10/16/2022
Moon Capital10/16/2022ALLY
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)10/16/2022
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)10/16/2022
Blue Tower Asset Management10/16/2022ENVA
East72 Holdings10/17/2022MSGS MANU
Palm Valley Capital Fund10/18/2022KELYA MAN SNN SRM CRDAWHGLY ODC
Smead International Value Fund10/18/2022
Smead Value Fund10/18/2022
RiverPark Large Growth10/18/2022FIVN BKNGINTU V WDAY
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund10/18/2022
Old West Capital Management10/18/2022FIL.TO FLMMF
Miller/Howard Investments10/18/2022
Andvari Associates10/18/2022
Giverny Capital Asset Management10/18/2022META KMX
Curreen Capital10/18/2022
L1 Capital Long Short Fund10/20/2022
L1 International Capital Fund10/20/2022
Baron Health Care Fund10/20/2022HUM ALNY DHR RGEN ISRG
Merion Road Capital10/20/2022GOOG SIX CRMT
Myrmikan Research10/20/2022
Akre Focus Fund10/20/2022
Ensemble Fund10/20/2022NVR SCHW
FMI All Cap Equity10/20/2022AVY FERG
FMI International Equity10/20/2022BME.L HWDN.L
FMI Large Cap Equity10/20/2022AVY FERG
FMI Small Cap Equity10/20/2022SSD G
Madison Dividend Income Fund10/20/2022MS
Madison Investors Fund10/20/2022ACGL ALC
Madison Mid Cap Fund10/20/2022MKSI ROST
Madison Small Cap Fund10/20/2022
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth10/20/2022GOOG
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund10/20/2022
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund10/20/2022
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund10/20/2022
Third Avenue Value Fund10/20/2022EZJ.L
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund10/21/2022CEG SWKS AAP TCBI
Heartland Value Fund10/21/2022NOV PDCO TCBI
Heartland Value Plus Fund10/21/2022PLOW
Distillate Capital10/21/2022
Baron Asset Fund10/21/2022LPLA
Baron Real Estate Fund10/21/2022PLD NTST SBAC REXR POOL
Baron Discovery Fund10/21/2022TXRH SMAR CDNA NVTS SMRT
Alphyn Capital Management10/23/2022WAND.L AHT.L LBRDA FRFHF KMX IAC
Upslope Capital Management10/23/2022CACI BOMXF
Tidefall Capital Management10/25/2022FFH.TO
Alluvial Capital Management10/25/2022PX UD.MI BFCC UBAB CBOBA HRBR JOB
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund10/26/2022
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund10/26/2022
Hoisington Investment Management10/26/2022
Polen - U.S. SMID Company Growth 10/26/2022EEFT BMBL
Polen Capital - Emerging Markets Growth10/26/2022
Polen Capital - Focus Growth10/26/2022NFLX ILMN
Polen Capital - Global Growth10/26/2022ADBE OR.PA
Polen Capital - Global SMID Company Growth10/26/2022
Polen Capital - International Growth10/26/2022KER.PA SAP EVO.ST
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth10/26/2022
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth10/26/2022
Weitz Hickory Fund10/26/2022LBRDA CHTR
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund10/26/2022
Weitz Partners Value Fund10/26/2022
Weitz Value Fund10/26/2022
Baron Small Cap Fund11/01/2022CAKE GDYN CLVT
Baron Opportunity Fund11/01/2022MPWR SHOP NVDA NET INDI
NZS Capital11/01/2022
O'Keefe Stevens11/01/2022LAZ SRG
Rowan Street Capital11/01/2022
Greenlight Capital11/01/2022
Nordstern Capital11/01/2022
Whitebrook Capital11/01/2022BOX
Bernzott Capital Advisors11/08/2022CHRD EHC TCBI SRC
Longleaf Partners Fund11/08/2022
Longleaf Partners Global Fund11/08/2022
Longleaf Partners International Fund11/08/2022
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund11/08/2022
Ave Maria Funds11/08/2022DBRG EDR.MC AMMO
Artisan Global Discovery Fund11/08/2022
Artisan International Value Fund11/08/2022
Artisan Mid Cap Fund11/08/2022UBER SHOP
Artisan Small Cap Fund11/08/2022CWAN MTSI IRTC ETSY
Artisan Value Fund11/08/2022
Artisan Focus Fund11/08/2022
RGA Investment Advisors11/08/2022AZTA BMY CTKB MXCT REGN
Long Cast Advisers 11/08/2022
Wedgewood Partners Focus SMID Cap11/08/2022LDOS TTC
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 11/08/2022
Canterbury Tollgate11/25/2022
Palm Capital11/25/2022
Cove Street Capital11/25/2022LGF.B ECVT GBLI WSTG CMP VSAT CARG
Miller Deep Value11/25/2022NBR GCI TPC
Miller Income Strategy11/25/2022ARLP CHK BKE OGN CC VTRS
Miller Opportunity Trust11/25/2022
Headwaters Capital11/25/2022UFPT
Bireme Capital11/25/2022RICK NFLX
Epoch Investment Partners11/25/2022
Arch Capital Fund11/25/2022ADSK
Vulcan Value Partners11/25/2022
Horos Funds11/25/2022
Choice Equities Fund11/25/2022WCC CROX OEC FARM
Oakmark Fund11/25/2022FBHS UBER WBD
Oakmark Global Fund11/25/2022WBD
Oakmark Global Select Fund11/25/2022
Oakmark International Fund11/25/2022
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund11/25/2022
Oakmark Select Fund11/25/2022KKRCRM WBD WFC
Horizon Kinetics11/25/2022
Baron FinTech Fund11/26/2022SCHW FDS
Baron Growth Fund11/26/2022
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth Fund11/26/2022TEAM TTD
Blue Hawk Investment Group 11/26/2022
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund11/26/2022
Greystone Capital Management11/26/2022POL
Leaven Partners11/26/2022
Rondure Global11/26/2022
Greenhaven Road Capital11/26/2022PAR ESTC KKR CLBT APG HGTY
LVS Advisory11/28/2022
Andaz Private Investments11/28/2022
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund11/28/2022CEG PCTY NTRA AVTR MRCY SGEN
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund11/28/2022RBC SWAV NTRA MRCY HSKA QDEL
Alger Spectra Fund11/28/2022
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund11/28/2022PI AMRC SPSC CLB DRQ DH
Cedar Creek Partners11/28/2022BMTX CZBS MFBP BFCC
Donville Kent Asset Management11/28/2022
Ariel Trust Funds11/28/2022KMX GNRC SJM AD.AS
DMZ Partners11/28/2022

2nd Quarter 2022
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
Andvari Associates7/09/2022ADBE
Comus Investments7/09/2022
St. James Investment Company 7/09/2022
Vltava Fund7/09/2022CVE
Palm Valley Capital Fund7/11/2022CRI ORI HOFT LSDAF NATH
Moon Capital7/11/2022META
East72 Holdings7/15/2022LBRDA UHAL
FMI All Cap Equity7/15/2022
FMI International Equity7/15/2022
FMI Large Cap Equity7/15/2022
FMI Small Cap Equity7/15/2022
Akre Focus Fund7/15/2022
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)7/15/2022LNSTY
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)7/15/2022LNSTY
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth7/15/2022FRC POOL SBUX
Madison Dividend Income Fund7/15/2022
Madison Investors Fund7/15/2022
Madison Mid Cap Fund7/15/2022FND TTWO FWONA
Madison Small Cap Fund7/15/2022HAIN MODN
O'Keefe Stevens7/16/2022
Merion Road Capital7/16/2022GOOG WHG
Smead International Value Fund7/16/2022
Smead Value Fund7/16/2022
L1 Capital Long Short Fund7/16/2022CVE SHOP BLSFF CSCCF MALRF
L1 International Capital Fund7/16/2022GOOG AMZN BKNG EXP LPX GPK IQV
Blue Tower Asset Management7/16/2022
RiverPark Large Growth7/17/2022UBER RNG TWLO KKR NKE ADYEY
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund7/17/2022AMZN BX GOOG META
NZS Capital7/17/2022
Worm Capital7/17/2022TSLA SPOT
Old West Capital Management7/20/2022LMT
Distillate Capital7/20/2022
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund7/20/2022COLD FIBK SNA G THO
Heartland Value Fund7/20/2022CSV STKL DINO NWPX CECE
Heartland Value Plus Fund7/20/2022POWL
Curreen Capital7/20/2022
Alphyn Capital Management7/20/2022PROSY BUR CRSS EXXRF W AMZN
Miller/Howard Investments7/20/2022
Nordstern Capital7/20/2022ARCH ERJ IPMLF EVVTY STNE
Baron Health Care Fund7/20/2022BMY VRTX NVO ILMN
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund7/21/2022INGEF VESTF
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund7/21/2022DHI CBRE
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund7/21/2022SUPN CCF
Third Avenue Value Fund7/21/2022THYCF AJMPF SCPPF
Whitebrook Capital7/21/2022ITRI AFYA
Rowan Street Capital7/21/2022SPOT META PTON
Baron Discovery Fund7/22/2022GWRE ASGN CDAY GTLB ESTA
Baron Real Estate Fund7/21/2022AVB SITE FBHS DLR BX
Ensemble Fund7/22/2022ILMN NOW MASI NFLX NVR FAF HD
Bernzott Capital Advisors7/22/2022CADE HHC TRNO
Upslope Capital Management7/22/2022BALL
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund7/23/2022
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund7/23/2022
Hoisington Investment Management7/23/2022
Horizon Kinetics7/23/2022WPM ATUSF ATRWF CME PREKF
Oakmark Fund7/23/2022DIS ETSY MAS ORCL PH
Oakmark Global Fund7/23/2022
Oakmark Global Select Fund7/23/2022PROSY GOOG AMZN
Oakmark International Fund7/23/2022PROSY CS PPRUY
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund7/23/2022ELEEF ATEAY FLUIF NEXXY XPG.F
Oakmark Select Fund7/23/2022
Alluvial Capital Management7/23/2022PX UD.MI GTXAP TIMB BSND CUSI
Giverny Capital Asset Management7/23/2022ASHTF ADI FND
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund7/23/2022FA ECOM CCS ESAB ENOV
Pzena Investment Management7/23/2022
Myrmikan Research7/23/2022
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund7/23/2022EVH CYRX GO HRI ATRC INSP
Alger Spectra Fund7/23/2022BABA RIVN META AMZN APPL MSFT
Miller Deep Value7/23/2022CHS AXL GCI QUAD NBR FTI
Longleaf Partners Fund7/24/2022WMB WBD MGM GE
Longleaf Partners Global Fund7/24/2022PROSY WBD TIGO EXXRF MGM
Longleaf Partners International Fund7/24/2022WHGLY PROSY DPZ TIGO EXXRF
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund7/24/2022WTM OSCR VMEO HOUS ESRT WEST
Cove Street Capital7/24/2022HNRG WTM VSAT CMP LGF.B INFU
Ave Maria Funds7/24/2022APG BAMR GPRE CHK CLB MIR STNE
Mawer Mutual Funds7/24/2022
IP-Capital Partners7/24/2022NFLX CHTR SCHW AMZN
Weitz Hickory Fund7/25/2022
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund7/25/2022
Weitz Partners Value Fund7/25/2022
Weitz Value Fund7/25/2022
Bronte Capital7/31/2022META
1 Main Capital Partners7/31/2022KKR
Emeth Value Capital7/31/2022DECPF
Saltlight Capital 8/01/2022PROSY BAM
Praetorian Capital 8/01/2022JOE
Greystone Capital Management8/01/2022BSFFF RICK IDT GOED EDDRF
Leaven Partners8/01/2022
Maran Capital Management8/01/2022
Polen - U.S. SMID Company Growth 8/05/2022
Polen Capital - Emerging Markets Growth8/05/2022
Polen Capital - Focus Growth8/05/2022ADBE ABNB AMZN NFLX
Polen Capital - Global Growth8/05/2022
Polen Capital - International Growth8/05/2022
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth8/05/2022
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth8/05/2022
Miller Income Strategy8/05/2022HRB ARLP HMPT JXN
Miller Opportunity Trust8/05/2022EXPE UAL BABA KRTX NCLH COIN BHC
Bireme Capital8/05/2022HCA
Epoch Investment Partners8/05/2022
Cedar Creek Partners8/05/2022NNUP HRBR WCRS ROYTL BMTX
Headwaters Capital8/05/2022QLYS
Rondure Global8/05/2022
Tidefall Capital Management8/06/2022ONEXF
Arch Capital Fund8/08/2022IAC
Andaz Private Investments8/08/2022
Vulcan Value Partners8/08/2022GE CBRE SNBR
Voss Capital8/08/2022EXTR
FPA Crescent Fund8/08/2022
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund8/08/2022
FPA U.S. Core Equity Fund8/08/2022
Laughing Water Capital8/08/2022CDMO AIMFF CSPLF LNDC THRY FREE TACT
RGA Investment Advisors8/08/2022META ALGN CTKB MXCT
Horos Funds8/08/2022
Choice Equities Fund8/08/2022CROX SITE FARM OEC
Baron Asset Fund8/10/2022ICLR FND
Baron FinTech Fund8/10/2022PGR
Baron Growth Fund8/10/2022
Summers Value Fund8/15/2022
Wedgewood Partners Focus SMID Cap8/15/2022FRC POOL
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 8/15/2022
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity8/15/2022
Harding Loevner Global Equity8/15/2022ILMN META NFLX SIVB ADYEY
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies8/15/2022
Harding Loevner International Equity8/15/2022
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity8/15/2022
Alta Fox Capital Management8/15/2022EVBG XPEL NGMS
Argosy Investors8/15/2022META DFH AMOT CURV FTV VNT WBD
Baron Partners Fund8/15/2022
Baron Small Cap Fund8/15/2022GTLS SPT
Artko Capital8/16/2022NTIC CURN PBPB ACFN HQI
Long Cast Advisers 8/16/2022CCRN CCRD QRHC DAIO
Palm Capital8/17/2022
Bonsai Partners8/17/2022RDBBF XPEL
Mindset Value Fund8/17/2022MRMD HQI NNI CNRFF
GreenWood Investors8/29/2022CTTPY KOD MEIP LTRPA RH
River Oak Capital8/29/2022QTGPF SINCH.ST NFLX
Artisan Global Discovery Fund8/29/2022COO MAREL.AS VEEV ON
Artisan International Value Fund8/29/2022
Artisan Mid Cap Fund8/29/2022VEEV ON RYAN RGEN ETSY
Artisan Small Cap Fund8/29/2022NVST ETSY JBT RGEN SPT DV
Artisan Value Fund8/29/2022BAC
GoodHaven Fund8/29/2022
Steel City Capital8/29/2022TRUP CVNA SCI ETRN UNTC ATEX
Greenhaven Road Capital8/31/2022ESTC PAR KKR CLBT APPS

1st Quarter 2022
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
St. James Investment Company 4/08/2022
East72 Holdings4/07/2022VWAGY AU1.AX
Vltava Fund4/08/2022ABG CE KLAC
Comus Investments4/10/2022
Palm Valley Capital Fund4/10/2022HTLD PLPC MLR
Moon Capital4/10/2022GOOG MLNK LGIH GRBK
Richie Capital Group4/11/2022CCRD NXST SEDG
Merion Road Capital4/11/2022FERG PTON SPWH
Leaven Partners4/15/2022
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)4/15/2022CTAS SMCYY HOCPY
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)4/15/2022CTAS SMCYY HOCPY
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth4/15/2022FB PYPL
Worm Capital4/15/2022TSLA SPOT
FMI All Cap Equity4/15/2022CSL KMX
FMI International Equity4/15/2022SDXAY GRG.L
FMI Large Cap Equity4/15/2022CSL KMX
FMI Small Cap Equity4/15/2022SKX NVT
Madison Dividend Income Fund4/16/2022BKR EOG ADM NUE
Madison Investors Fund4/16/2022
Madison Mid Cap Fund4/16/2022THO
Madison Small Cap Fund4/16/2022
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund4/16/2022NXST ABC PPG
Heartland Value Fund4/16/2022RDN CCS COLD
Heartland Value Plus Fund4/16/2022
Blue Tower Asset Management4/16/2022
Smead Value Fund4/16/2022
Miller/Howard Investments4/17/2022
Distillate Capital4/17/2022
Wasatch Core Growth Fund4/18/2022
Wasatch Micro Cap Fund4/18/2022GDYN KRNT PRPL ITCI HLLY SLP
Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund4/18/2022
Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund4/18/2022KRNT MEDP GDYN HQY ITCI EEFT
Wasatch Small Cap Value Fund4/18/2022
Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund4/18/2022
LRT Capital4/18/2022PSA
L1 Capital Long Short Fund4/18/2022
L1 International Capital Fund4/18/2022
Oakmark Fund4/18/2022AMZN EFX GPN PINS PHM CRM
Oakmark Global Fund4/18/2022BAYRY GLNCY PROSY GM CS
Oakmark Global Select Fund4/18/2022
Oakmark International Fund4/18/2022
Oakmark Select Fund4/18/2022
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund4/18/2022
Old West Capital Management4/19/2022BG
Laughing Water Capital4/19/2022CSPLF HMHC THRY TACT
Headwaters Capital4/19/2022NOTV
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund4/19/2022
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund4/19/2022APTS UHAL GRI.LDHI
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund4/19/2022
Third Avenue Value Fund4/19/2022
Upslope Capital Management4/19/2022BWXT NSKFF CMGMF SLGN
Akre Focus Fund4/20/2022
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund4/20/2022PLAN BKR SITE NEOG CFLT
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund4/20/2022HQY CHX PDCE NTRA CRYX SMAR
Alger Spectra Fund4/20/2022ABBV CRWD BKR SHOP AMD NTRA
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund4/20/2022CLB APR CHGG NTRA FSV SWIM
Whitebrook Capital4/20/2022
Rowan Street Capital4/20/2022SPOT FB TTD DOCU SHOP NFLX
RiverPark Large Growth4/21/2022NFLX NVDA TDOC
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund4/21/2022NFLX NVDA TDOC
Longleaf Partners Fund4/21/2022
Longleaf Partners Global Fund4/21/2022
Longleaf Partners International Fund4/21/2022
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund4/21/2022
Baron Health Care Fund4/21/2022COO ANTM ABBV NVO RHHBY
Baron Real Estate Fund4/21/2022MTN PSA BX GDS LVS MSGE
Pzena Investment Management4/21/2022
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund4/21/2022RHP ERII JOUT RCKY
Baron Discovery Fund4/23/2022ACC AXON GTLS GTLB
Ensemble Fund4/23/2022GOOGL CMG
Hoisington Investment Management4/23/2022
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund4/23/2022
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund4/23/2022
Greenlight Capital4/23/2022GRBK BHF INSW RYAAY SNX SWN WFRD
NZS Capital4/23/2022
Bernzott Capital Advisors4/23/2022HALO HCI MP LPRO VNOM CMP
Bronte Capital4/23/2022HLF
Arch Capital Fund4/23/2022SPOT WIX
O'Keefe Stevens4/23/2022EAF NMRK INTC DFIN
Nelson Capital4/23/2022
Artisan International Value Fund4/23/2022INGVF DANOY ACGL ST GRMN
Artisan Mid Cap Fund4/23/2022ON WMS ZI CNHI NVST COO
Crestcat Capital4/24/2022
Alphyn Capital Management4/24/2022FRFHF AMZN EXXRF KKR LBRDA NPSNY W
Curreen Capital4/24/2022
Giverny Capital Asset Management4/24/2022FB KMX FIVE ERFSF AMZN IBP
Andvari Associates4/30/2022TOITF
Nordstern Capital4/30/2022THQQF IPMLF EVVTY STNE ARCH
Miller Income Strategy4/30/2022VALE QUAD HRB SDIG
Miller Opportunity Trust4/30/2022FTCH OVV FANG CLF FB HLF
Weitz Hickory Fund4/30/2022LBRDA KMX MKL AZO
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund4/30/2022
Weitz Partners Value Fund4/30/2022
Weitz Value Fund4/30/2022
Polen Capital - Focus Growth5/01/2022NFLX PYPL FB
Polen Capital - Global Growth5/01/2022NFLX PYPL SAP AMZN ALGN
Polen Capital - International Growth5/01/2022
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity5/01/2022
Harding Loevner Global Equity5/01/2022ROK SBGSY DE
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies5/01/2022TCHBF KWS.L
Harding Loevner International Equity5/01/2022
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity5/01/2022
Epoch Investment Partners5/01/2022
Baron Asset Fund5/01/2022EPAM TFX CSGP FICO
Alta Fox Capital Management5/02/2022NGMS DSKE XPEL
Baron Small Cap Fund5/02/2022PGNY
Greystone Capital Management5/02/2022HMHC GOED CURN
Long Cast Advisers 5/06/2022CCRD DAIO
1 Main Capital Partners5/06/2022FIGS
Wedgewood Partners Focus SMID Cap5/06/2022AYI MMS TPL
Greenhaven Road Capital5/06/2022KKR PAR ESTC TDOC APPS
Polen Capital - Emerging Markets Growth5/06/2022TSM WZZAF
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth5/06/2022
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth5/06/2022
Polen U.S. SMID Company Growth 5/06/2022BMBL FTCH HLNE
Cedar Creek Partners5/06/2022QUCT
Horizon Kinetics5/06/2022
Baron FinTech Fund5/06/2022EFX GLOB
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 5/06/2022
Tweedy Browne5/06/2022BZZUY KOYJF THO
Steel City Capital5/07/2022CVNA SCI ATEX LILA LSYN APM
Praetorian Capital 5/07/2022JOE
FPA Crescent Fund5/07/2022
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund5/07/2022
Aikya Funds5/07/2022
Tidefall Capital Management5/07/2022NFLX
Rondure Global5/18/2022
Saltlight Capital 5/18/2022
Bonsai Partners5/18/2022ESTC
Goehring & Rozencwajg5/25/2022
Saga Partners5/25/2022CVNA RDFN
Andaz Private Investments5/25/2022
Donville Kent Asset Management5/25/2022EHMEF GIVX.TO VHIBF CTSDF
Hayden Capital5/25/2022
FPA U.S. Core Equity Fund5/25/2022
Maran Capital Management5/25/2022
Bireme Capital5/25/2022NFLX CGEAF FB
Argosy Investors5/26/2022FB VZIO FSV STNE IS
Artko Capital5/26/2022GOED WS

4th Quarter 2021
Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
East72 Holdings1/07/2022ARKK YBRHF
Vltava Fund1/07/2022SBRCY BMWYY LH
Comus Investments1/07/2022
St. James Investment Company 1/07/2022
Palm Valley Capital Fund1/09/2022AGI DRQ CRD-A WHGLY
Wedgewood Partners Focus SMID Cap1/12/2022
FMI All Cap Equity1/13/2022
FMI International Equity1/13/2022
FMI Large Cap Equity1/13/2022
FMI Small Cap Equity1/13/2022
Akre Focus Fund1/13/2022
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)1/14/2022TFX
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)1/14/2022TFX
Andvari Associates1/15/2022MA V NOVT
Baron Asset Fund1/15/2022RIVN
Baron Discovery Fund1/15/2022BYD ENFN BASE
Wedgewood Partners Large Cap Focused Growth1/15/2022AAPL TPL TSCO
Baron Real Estate Fund1/16/2022
Baron Health Care Fund1/16/2022AZN MCK ASND
Curreen Capital1/16/2022
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund1/16/2022AMD VCRA BILL TASK BSY
Alger Spectra Fund1/16/2022PYPL UPST MQ
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund1/16/2022SITE SBNY MEG CHGG NTRA EVBG
Alphyn Capital Management1/19/2022GOOG EXXRF FRFHF IAC OACB WANSF W
Oakmark Fund1/19/2022BWA TTWO WTW
Oakmark Global Fund1/19/2022
Oakmark Global Select Fund1/19/2022
Oakmark International Fund1/19/2022CNHI BABA
Oakmark Select Fund1/19/2022
Tollymore Investment Partners1/20/2022
Blue Tower Asset Management1/20/2022
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund1/20/2022PPG EHC DLTR
Heartland Value Fund1/20/2022CCBG PRGO BRY
Heartland Value Plus Fund1/20/2022TRS KN
Madison Dividend Income Fund1/21/2022CVS
Madison Investors Fund1/21/2022LOW BDX NVS FISV V BKI PH
Madison Mid Cap Fund1/21/2022BKI MKSI DLTR
Madison Small Cap Fund1/21/2022HAIN ENTG NEWR
Ensemble Fund1/21/2022BL COST
NZS Capital1/21/2022
Miller/Howard Investments1/21/2022
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund1/21/2022
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund1/21/2022INV CTT
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund1/21/2022BATRA MSGE FRPH FPH IVT
Third Avenue Value Fund1/21/2022
Distillate Capital1/21/2022
Old West Capital Management1/21/2022
RiverPark Large Growth1/21/2022PINS TWTR RNG SQ FTCH ILMN SOFI
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund1/21/2022
Upslope Capital Management1/21/2022MKTX CASY
Alluvial Capital Management1/21/2022PX LICT CRAWA GTX UD.MI TIM.WSE
Bernzott Capital Advisors1/21/2022WSC HI UPLD CMP JRVR
Smead Value Fund1/22/2022
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund1/22/2022
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund1/22/2022
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund1/22/2022TREX CPRI SMAR EVBG GENI HSKA
Massif Capital1/22/2022GSL
L1 Capital Long Short Fund1/22/2022
L1 International Capital Fund1/22/2022LPRO CRH
Baron Small Cap Fund1/24/2022SG
Baron Growth Fund1/24/2022MIR SG WRBY
Rowan Street Capital1/24/2022SPOT FB TTD DOCU
Hoisington Investment Management1/24/2022
Whitebrook Capital1/24/2022
Merion Road Capital1/26/2022FERG ATVI LEAT LNSR RCKY
Nordstern Capital1/26/2022IPMLF STNE
Polen Capital - Focus Growth1/26/2022AMZN DOCU
Polen Capital - Global Growth1/26/2022ALGN ADSK V
Polen Capital - International Growth1/26/2022
Artisan International Value Fund1/26/2022WTW ASBFY
Artisan Mid Cap Fund1/26/2022AZTA ON SPOT
Artisan Small Cap Fund1/26/2022AZTA CDMO IRTC ASND WK BIGC
Artisan Value Fund1/26/2022V DIS
Pzena Investment Management1/26/2022
Giverny Capital Asset Management1/26/2022
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund1/26/2022RHP ERII JOUT RCKY
Miller Deep Value1/27/2022CHS ENDP NBR GCI CNDT
Miller Income Strategy1/27/2022APTS CC APO SCU SBRCY OMF
Miller Opportunity Equity1/27/2022TMHC MTTR FANG SFIX SPLK NCLH
Summers Value Fund1/28/2022NOTV UFPT UTMD
Myrmikan Research1/28/2022
Weitz Hickory Fund1/28/2022LBRDA
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund1/28/2022
Weitz Partners Value Fund1/28/2022
Weitz Value Fund1/28/2022
Greenlight Capital1/28/2022BHF TECK DNMR GPN CPRI GLPG ODP
Longleaf Partners Fund1/29/2022AMG LUMN MGM CNHI BIIB FRFHF H
Longleaf Partners Global Fund1/29/2022WMB LUMN FRFHF BIIB MGM TIGO PROSY
Longleaf Partners International Fund1/29/2022CFRUY DPZ FRFHF EXXRF BABA TIGO PROSY
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund1/29/2022CNX RLGY MAT RNR IDRSF LNXSF KODK
Bronte Capital1/29/2022
Long Cast Advisers 1/29/2022AIMFF SNES SOTK
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity1/29/2022CCHGY MGLUY XP
Harding Loevner Global Equity1/29/2022EW ALGN MELI
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies1/29/2022SLP ALTR NEMTF ABMD
Harding Loevner International Equity1/29/2022
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity1/29/2022MHSDFLZRFY VACNY
LRT Capital1/29/2022WSO
Arch Capital Fund1/29/2022SPOT SFM NNI TTWO HRBR
Richie Capital Group1/29/2022PAR FREE AVGO TTD ABT
Fundsmith Equity Fund1/29/2022
Wasatch Core Growth Fund1/29/2022MORN TREX LPRO OLLI
Wasatch Micro Cap Fund1/29/2022TRNS NPTN CCXI MSGM CSTL LPRO
Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund1/29/2022RDVT BWMN PI ASPU LPRO TCDM
Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund1/29/2022FND BOOT ITCI MEDP FRPT LPRO HQY
Wasatch Small Cap Value Fund1/29/2022
Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund1/29/2022ITCI CCXI NVMI FRPT LPRO CSTL
Rondure Global1/30/2022
Frontaura Global Frontier Fund LLC 1/30/2022
Saturna Capital - Amana Funds1/30/2022
Turtle Creek1/30/2022
Argosy Investors1/30/2022LESL AGIL CURV
Nitor Capital1/30/2022VST CF JOE
Greenhaven Road Capital1/30/2022APPS PAR KKR ESTC TDOC CLBT
Alta Fox Capital Management2/02/2022IDT
Cedar Creek Partners2/02/2022SODI PCHM NNUP BMTX PDRX PX WCRS
Bireme Capital2/02/2022AFRM TME
Headwaters Capital2/04/2022CRNC
Polen Capital - Emerging Markets Growth2/04/2022TME
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth2/04/2022
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth2/04/2022
Polen U.S. SMID Company Growth 2/04/2022
Aikya Funds2/04/2022
First Eagle Global Value2/04/2022
Palm Capital2/04/2022CNSWF CRM
Andaz Private Investments2/04/2022RKT XLNX
Saga Partners2/04/2022RDFN
Canterbury Tollgate2/04/2022
Donville Kent Asset Management2/04/2022NGMS GIVX.TO
Greystone Capital Management2/07/2022RICK GOED ID HMHC IDT
Leaven Partners2/07/2022
1 Main Capital Partners2/08/2022BSFFF
Maran Capital Management2/08/2022CSPLF CDRE
Baron FinTech Fund2/08/2022LPLA EXFY
Baron Partners Fund2/08/2022
Tidefall Capital Management2/08/2022FFXDF
Evermore Global Value Fund2/10/2022
Palm Harbour Capital2/10/2022OCINF GEAHF
Laughing Water Capital2/10/2022CSPLF THRY HMHC TACT
Steel City Capital2/10/2022GDOT LSYN SXC
Tweedy Browne2/10/2022VRTX RBSFY
MPE Capital2/11/2022SQSP
Emeth Value Capital2/12/2022BUR
Mindset Value Cannabis Fund2/13/2022VRNOF
Davis Financial Fund.2/13/2022
Davis Global Fund2/13/2022
Davis International Fund2/13/2022
Davis New York Venture Fund2/13/2022
Davis Opportunity Fund2/13/2022
Praetorian Capital 2/13/2022LEE JOE
Horizon Kinetics2/13/2022
Baron Opportunity Fund2/13/2022RIVN MRTX CTV FIGS SHOP
Saltlight Capital 2/13/2022
FPA Crescent Fund2/15/2022
Epoch Investment Partners2/15/2022
Luca Capital2/15/2022
Hayden Capital2/15/2022SE
Lyrical Asset Management2/15/2022
RGA Investment Advisors2/18/2022SFIX ROKU PYPL DBX TWTR
Bumbershoot Holdings2/18/2022
Broyhill Asset Management2/18/2022CAR DLTR MCK ABEV BUD MSGE
Worm Capital2/18/2022
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund2/25/2022
Tao Value2/25/2022
RiverPark/Wedgewood Fund2/25/2022AAPL TPL TSCO
Ariel Trust Funds3/01/2022KKR MANU REZI
Voss Capital3/01/2022AVYA OLN ABG MT
Rhizome Partners3/01/2022FRP HHC INDT CLPR
Vulcan Value Partners3/01/2022
Goehring & Rozencwajg3/01/2022

3rd Quarter 2021

Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
East72 Holdings10/08/2021$ANSLY, $APPEF, $BOWX, $FRPH, $MAC, $LLC.AX
Vltava Fund10/08/2021$WLTW
Massif Capital10/08/2021$SBLK
Headwaters Capital10/08/2021$SPSC, $FICO, $TRNS
Palm Valley Capital Fund10/09/2021$THS, $TRFPF, $AMRK, $WHGLY
St. James Investment Company 10/09/2021
Richie Capital Group10/11/2021$FICO, $FREE, $INS, $MSCI
Comus Investments10/11/2021
Blue Tower Asset Management10/12/2021$3723.T
Wedgewood Partners10/13/2021$MSI, $UNH
DMZ Partners10/14/2021
FMI All Cap Equity10/14/2021
FMI International Equity10/14/2021$RXLSF, $4403.T
FMI Large Cap Equity10/14/2021
FMI Small Cap Equity10/14/2021$PCAR, $BRKB
Curreen Capital10/15/2021$JXN, $MIC
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)10/15/2021$RYAN, $CSGP
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)10/15/2021
Madison Dividend Income Fund10/15/2021$BKR, $EOG
Madison Investors Fund10/15/2021$AMZN, $ADI, $PPG, $TEL
Madison Mid Cap Fund10/15/2021
Madison Small Cap Fund10/15/2021
Worm Capital10/16/2021
Merion Road Capital10/16/2021$BLDR, $RCKY
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund10/16/2021$CBOE, $EXC, $SPB
Heartland Value Fund10/16/2021$CVLG, $BBBY, $BRY
Heartland Value Plus Fund10/16/2021$POR, $FCFS, $HAE
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund10/16/2021$INMD, $GXO, $UPST, $RNLX, $GENI, $PINS
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund10/16/2021$RGEN, $MPWR, $PAYC, $CDNA, $SHAK, $NVRO
Alger Spectra Fund10/16/2021$UPST, $GOOG, $MSFT, $ROKU, $PINS, $PYPL
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund10/16/2021$UPST, $PCTY, $GLOB, $OLLI, $NVRO, $CLB
Summers Value Fund10/16/2021$NTOV, $ELMD
Baron Growth Fund10/17/2021$VLD, $DNUT, $SMRT
Baron Real Estate Fund10/17/2021
Baron Health Care Fund10/17/2021$NTRA, $GDRX, $MRTX, $STVN
Oakmark Fund10/17/2021
Oakmark Global Fund10/17/2021
Oakmark Global Select Fund10/17/2021
Oakmark International Fund10/17/2021
Oakmark International Small Cap Fund10/17/2021
Oakmark Select Fund10/17/2021
Miller/Howard Investments10/17/2021
NZS Capital10/17/2021
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund10/19/2021
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund10/19/2021$APTS, $WARFY, $
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund10/19/2021$MSGE
Third Avenue Value Fund10/19/2021$BMWYY, $DDAIF, $BKRIF, $DB, $CSFFF, $LUNMF
Upslope Capital Management10/19/2021$TCHBF, $BWXT
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund10/19/2021
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund10/19/2021
Rowan Street Capital10/19/2021
Old West Capital Management10/19/2021$FLGT
Distillate Capital10/19/2021
Alphyn Capital Management10/19/2021$PSTH, $CSPLF, $CRSS, $CFX, $NPSNY, $PROSY, $TCEHY
Ensemble Fund10/20/2021$BKNG, $LSTR
Smead Value Fund10/20/2021
Bernzott Capital Advisors10/20/2021$ATIP, $VNOM
Greenlight Capital10/20/2021$GRBK, $BHF, $CSPLF $SONO
Longleaf Partners Fund10/21/2021$DISCK
Longleaf Partners International Fund10/21/2021
Longleaf Partners Global Fund10/21/2021
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund10/21/2021$RNR
Hoisington Investment Management10/21/2021
Whitebrook Capital10/21/2021$QRTEA
L1 International Capital Fund10/21/2021$TXN
L1 Capital Long Short Fund10/21/2021
Horizon Kinetics10/23/2021$LNG, $TPL
Baron Discovery Fund10/23/2021$BASE, $SMRT, $MCG, $FORG, $QLYS
Baron Asset Fund10/23/2021$HUBS
Arisaig Partners10/23/2021
Kinsman Oak Equity Fund10/23/2021$RICK
Polen Capital - Focus Growth10/23/2021$ABNB
Polen Capital - Global Growth10/23/2021
Polen Capital - International Growth10/23/2021
Bronte Capital10/23/2021
Aikya Funds10/23/2021
Myrmikan Research10/23/2021
Crestcat Capital10/23/2021
Pzena Investment Management10/23/2021
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund10/23/2021
Akre Focus Fund10/23/2021
Rondure Global10/23/2021
Artisan Mid Cap Fund10/24/2021NEO MQ ASND CDAY ENTG
Artisan International Value Fund10/24/2021
Weitz Hickory Fund10/24/2021
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund10/24/2021
Weitz Partners Value Fund10/24/2021
Weitz Value Fund10/24/2021
Giverny Capital Asset Management10/24/2021IIVI
Argosy Investors10/25/2021DFH GO RRTS
Tidefall Capital Management10/25/2021FRFHF
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth10/26/2021
Polen U.S. SMID Company Growth 10/26/2021OLO
Tao Value10/29/2021FB RBLX
Alta Fox Capital Management10/29/2021
First Eagle Global Value10/29/2021
Vulcan Value Partners10/29/2021LRCX UPST AMAT
FPA Crescent Fund10/29/2021
Miller Opportunity Equity10/29/2021BABA GM FTCH MTTR WW VRM
Miller Income Strategy10/29/2021APTS VALE CHS CC
LRT Capital10/30/2021TSCO
Luca Capital10/30/2021TDOC
Greystone Capital Management10/30/2021LSYN RSSS BSFFF EDDRF
Epoch Investment Partners10/30/2021
RiverPark Large Growth10/31/2021DXCM SNOW TWLO RNG EXAS ZG SOFI
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund10/31/2021
Maran Capital Management10/31/2021CLAR TPB CRSS AOUT
Bireme Capital10/31/2021RICK BOIVF ORI IMBBY
1 Main Capital Partners10/31/2021LMB ATIP GREE
Mindset Value Fund10/31/2021
Andvari Associates10/31/2021CHE
Baron FinTech Fund10/31/2021WPLCF CWAN TOST
Baron Partners Fund10/31/2021
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity10/31/2021
Harding Loevner Global Equity10/31/2021
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies10/31/2021BWA STAEF ST
Harding Loevner International Equity10/31/2021
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity10/31/2021
Alluvial Capital Management11/02/2021PX CRAWA LICT NUVR WHLR
Greenhaven Road Capital11/02/2021APPS MKTW
RGA Investment Advisors11/02/2021KW
Davis Financial Fund.11/02/2021
Davis Global Fund11/02/2021
Davis International Fund11/02/2021
Davis New York Venture Fund11/02/2021
Davis Opportunity Fund11/02/2021
Donville Kent Asset Management11/02/2021PRL.TO
Tollymore Investment Partners11/02/2021NXGPY HLFFF RDBBF
Steel City Capital11/02/2021ATEX LSYN SIGA
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth11/02/2021
RiverPark/Wedgewood Fund11/04/2021MSI UNH
Artisan Global Discovery Fund11/06/2021
Artisan Small Cap Fund11/06/2021COMP SI TWOU BTRS OLO
Artisan Value Fund11/06/2021
Saturna Capital11/06/2021
Saturna Capital - Amana Funds11/06/2021
Saturna Capital - Sextant Funds11/06/2021
Cedar Creek Partners11/08/2021BMTX PCHM NNUP DBMG
Baron Opportunity Fund11/08/2021NTRA NRDY TOST CDAY
Baron Small Cap Fund11/08/2021MCG SMRT HLLY
Artko Capital11/17/2021HQI
Hayden Capital11/17/2021COIN ZLPSF
Tweedy Browne11/17/2021
Canterbury Tollgate11/17/2021
Andaz Private Investments11/17/2021
River Oak Capital11/17/2021
Palm Capital11/17/2021
Long Cast Advisers 11/22/2021SANW PDEX CTEK
FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund11/22/2021
Choice Equities Fund11/29/2021FARM INVE GMS
Ariel Trust Funds11/29/2021BIDU BWA CBRE GNTX
GreenWood Investors11/29/2021
Horos Funds11/29/2021
Goehring & Rozencwajg11/29/2021
Saltlight Capital 11/29/2021
Voss Capital12/14/2021SWIR
Turtle Creek12/14/2021

2nd Quarter 2021

Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
St. James Investment Company 7/14/2021
East72 Holdings7/14/2021$NAM.AX, $SZL.AX
Vltava Fund7/14/2021
Headwaters Capital7/14/2021$ABCM
Alphyn Capital Management7/14/2021$CRSS, $VMEO
Comus Investments7/14/2021
FMI All Cap Equity7/14/2021
FMI International Equity7/14/2021
FMI Large Cap Equity7/14/2021
FMI Small Cap Equity7/14/2021
Wedgewood Partners7/14/2021$CDW, $CPRT, $TSM
Longleaf Partners Fund7/15/2021
Longleaf Partners Global Fund7/15/2021
Longleaf Partners International Fund7/15/2021$PROSY, $0200.HK
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund7/15/2021
Palm Valley Capital Fund7/15/2021$COG, $VWTR
MPE Capital7/17/2021
Worm Capital7/17/2021$ABNB, $SHOP, $TSLA
Richie Capital Group7/17/2021$INS, $MKTX, $VMD, $TTD, $ADBE
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)7/17/2021
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)7/17/2021
Andvari Associates7/17/2021
RiverPark Large Growth7/17/2021
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund7/17/2021
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund7/17/2021$NET, $BSY, $HUBS, $DKNG, $MGNI, $DISCK
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund7/17/2021
Alger Spectra Fund7/17/2021
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund7/17/2021$PGNY, $CLB, $FSV, $EAR, $CHGG, $NEO
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value Fund7/17/2021
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund7/17/2021$STRS, $FNMA
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund7/17/2021
Third Avenue Value Fund7/17/2021
Smead Value Fund7/17/2021
Old West Capital Management7/17/2021$RFL, $URPTF
Distillate Capital7/17/2021
Nelson Capital7/18/2021$BKNG
Baron Health Care Fund7/18/2021
Baron Real Estate Fund7/18/2021
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund7/18/2021$PPG, $FCFS, $DGX
Heartland Value Fund7/18/2021$MNR, $PDCO, $BBBY
Heartland Value Plus Fund7/18/2021$DRQ, $AVNS, $FCFS
NZS Capital7/18/2021
Massif Capital7/18/2021$ADMLF, $EQX, $AOIFF, $EQNR
Miller/Howard Investments7/18/2021
Madison Dividend Income Fund7/20/2021$AFL
Madison Investors Fund7/20/2021$BD, $DLTR, $PCAR, $PGR
Madison Mid Cap Fund7/20/2021$CNNE, $PCAR
Madison Small Cap Fund7/20/2021
Bernzott Capital Advisors7/20/2021$ADTN, $ATSG, $GVA, $JRVR
Whitebrook Capital7/20/2021
Merion Road Capital7/20/2021$FLXS
Arisaig Partners7/20/2021$ARCE
Hoisington Investment Management7/20/2021
L1 International Capital Fund7/20/2021$GPK
Blue Tower Asset Management7/20/2021$CNR, $TCS.L
Tidefall Capital Management7/20/2021$FB
Cedar Creek Partners7/22/2021$CCUR $YSACU $GOED $MGAG $SODI $PCOA $ASTR $DBMG $PCHM $NNUP
Kinsman Oak Equity Fund7/22/2021
Vulcan Value Partners7/22/2021
Polen Capital - Focus Growth7/22/2021
Polen Capital - Global Growth7/22/2021
Polen Capital - International Growth7/22/2021
Steel City Capital7/22/2021$ATEX, $NEWSA, $LSYN, $SIGA, $TRUP
Ensemble Fund7/22/2021$NTDOY, $ILMN
Spree Capital7/22/2021
Oakmark Fund7/22/2021
Oakmark Global Fund7/22/2021$THC, $INCZY
Oakmark Global Select Fund7/22/2021
Oakmark International Fund7/22/2021
Oakmark Select Fund7/22/2021$ALSN
Horizon Kinetics7/24/2021
Maran Capital Management7/24/2021$CRSS, $CTT.PT, $CLAR, $PCYO
Bronte Capital7/24/2021
Baron Asset Fund7/24/2021$AVLR
Baron Growth Fund7/24/2021$ZY
Baron Small Cap Fund7/24/2021$JBI, $FA
Laughing Water Capital7/25/2021$AIMFF, $TACT, $THRY
1 Main Capital Partners7/25/2021$MHH, $ATIP.WS, $LMB
Voss Capital7/25/2021$IMXI, $ECNCF
Greystone Capital Management7/25/2021$HOME, $THBRF
Emeth Value Capital7/25/2021
Summers Value Fund7/27/2021
Artisan International Value Fund7/27/2021
Artisan Mid Cap Fund7/27/2021$LPLA, $ENTG, $WMS, $HUBS, $GMAB
Artisan Small Cap Fund7/27/2021$OLO, $WK, $EB, $WMS, $VMI, $BIGC
Baron Opportunity Fund7/27/2021$EDR, $INDI, $RNG, $TEAM, $SOFI
Baron Partners Fund7/27/2021
Baron FinTech Fund7/27/2021$DLO, $MQ, $SOFI
Baron Discovery Fund7/27/2021$JBGS, $DV, $INDI, $ALKT, $PING, $ZY, $OLK, $RXRX
Akre Focus Fund7/27/2021
Epoch Investment Partners7/27/2021
Greenlight Capital7/27/2021
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth7/27/2021
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth7/27/2021
Polen U.S. SMID Company Growth 7/27/2021
Diamond Hill Small Cap Fund7/27/2021
Alluvial Capital Management7/28/2021$GTX, $PIOE, $CRSS, $TPRP
Argosy Investors7/28/2021$FERG, $ARLO, $VZIO
JDP Capital Management7/29/2021$SPOT, $ROKU, $DRTT, $INVVY, $STNE
Boyar Value Group7/29/2021
Long Cast Advisers 7/29/2021$QRHC
Weitz Hickory Fund7/31/2021$MKTX, $DNB
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund7/31/2021
Weitz Partners Value Fund7/31/2021
Weitz Value Fund7/31/2021$ROP
Giverny Capital Asset Management7/31/2021$ACOPF, $ATHM, $KMX
Alta Fox Capital Management7/31/2021
Donville Kent Asset Management7/31/2021$PLCKF, $NOW.V
First Eagle Global Value7/31/2021
Rowan Street Capital7/31/2021$SPOT, $FB
FPA Crescent Fund7/31/2021
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund8/02/2021
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund8/02/2021
Wasatch Core Growth Fund8/02/2021
Wasatch Micro Cap Fund8/02/2021
Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund8/02/2021
Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund8/02/2021
Wasatch Small Cap Value Fund8/02/2021
Wasatch Ultra Growth Fund8/02/2021
Myrmikan Research8/02/2021
L1 Capital Long Short Fund8/10/2021
Aikya Funds8/10/2021
Horos Funds8/10/2021$SUHJY, $MBI
Tweedy Browne8/10/2021
Upslope Capital Management8/10/2021$MKTX, $ENV
Crestcat Capital8/10/2021
Pzena Investment Management8/10/2021
Tao Value8/10/2021
Third Point8/10/2021$RH, $DIS
RGA Investment Advisors8/10/2021$SFIX
Luca Capital8/11/2021
Miller Income Strategy8/11/2021
Miller Opportunity Equity8/11/2021
Goehring & Rozencwajg8/23/2021
Artisan Global Discovery Fund8/23/2021
Artisan Value Fund8/23/2021
Artko Capital8/23/2021$GLBI, $CURN
Choice Equities Fund8/23/2021$INVE
LRT Capital8/23/2021$DPZ, $SCL, $MAR, $NVO, $RGEN, $HXL, $WSO, $TPL, $CIGI, $TFII
Saga Partners8/23/2021$GDRX
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets Equity8/28/2021
Harding Loevner Global Equity8/28/2021
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies8/28/2021
Harding Loevner International Equity8/28/2021
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity8/28/2021
Appleseed Fund8/28/2021$HLF, $BOWFF, $ALL, $NPSNY
Ariel Trust Funds8/28/2021$ADT, $BOKF, $MDP
Rondure Global8/28/2021
RiverPark/Wedgewood Fund8/28/2021$CDW, $CPRT, $TSM
Fundsmith Equity Fund8/28/2021
Greenhaven Road Capital8/28/2021$MKTW
GoodHaven Fund8/28/2021