Saturday, January 30, 2021

  Updating with 4th quarter letters. Have fun reading.

4th Quarter 2020

Fund Name Date Stocks Mentioned
Alger Mid Cap Focus Fund1/14/2021$NET, $ROKU, $FTCH, $QDEL, $STMP, $ZM
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund1/14/2021$CDNA, $NTRA, $CMD, $STMP, $TNDM, $QDEL
Alger Spectra Fund1/14/2021
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth Fund1/14/2021
Alphyn Capital Management1/24/2021
Alta Fox Capital Management1/26/2021
Andaz Private Investments1/04/2021
Andvari Associates1/07/2021
Argosy Investors1/12/2021$PINS, $JD, $RP, $SPB, $FTV, $WFC
Arisaig Partners1/13/2021
Artisan Global Discovery Fund1/25/2021
Artisan International Value Fund1/25/2021
Artisan Mid Cap Fund1/25/2021
Artisan Small Cap Fund1/25/2021$SMMC ($BTRS), $DNLI, $ZNGA, $FROG.
Artisan Value Fund1/25/2021
Avory & Company1/14/2021
Baron Asset Fund1/17/2021$SFIX, $FTCH.
Baron Discovery Fund1/17/2021$CDNA, $TPIC, $ALGM, $ESPR, $EBS, $SILK, $FQVTF, $MDEVF, $RRR, $EAR.
Baron FinTech Fund1/25/2021$SHOP, $MELI
Baron Growth Fund1/25/2021$DM
Baron Health Care Fund1/17/2021
Baron Opportunity Fund1/17/2021$OPEN, $SFIX, $FTCH
Baron Partners Fund1/25/2021
Baron Real Estate Fund1/17/2021
Bernzott Capital Advisors1/21/2021
Blue Tower Asset Management1/27/2021$EZPW
Bronte Capital1/15/2021
Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund1/21/2021
Carillon Eagle Small Cap Growth Fund1/25/2021
Comus Investments1/05/2021
Concentrated Compounding*1/05/2021
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)1/20/2021$TKAYY, $WMG, $WDAY, $OCPNY.
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)1/20/2021
Distillate Capital1/02/2021
Donville Kent Asset Management1/20/2021
Edgebrook Partners1/29/2021
Epoch Investment Partners1/26/2021
First Eagle Global Value1/22/2021
FMI All Cap Equity1/15/2021
FMI International Equity1/15/2021
FMI Large Cap Equity1/15/2021
FMI Small Cap Equity1/15/2021
Forager Funds1/20/2021
Fundsmith Equity Fund1/22/2021
Giverny Capital Asset Management1/20/2021
GoodHaven Fund1/29/2021
Greenlight Capital1/25/2021
Greystone Capital Management1/16/2021$CHRM, $TRRVF, $LSYN, $USAT, $FREE
Headwaters Capital1/10/2021$ENTG, $FICO, $INSP
Heartland Mid Cap Value Fund1/15/2021$FCX, $RJF, $BG, $AAP
Heartland Select Value Fund1/15/2021
Heartland Value Fund1/15/2021$THO, $NVT, $CAGDF
Heartland Value Plus Fund1/15/2021$PAHC, $RILY.
Hoisington Investment Management1/19/2021
L1 Capital Long Short Fund1/25/2021
Laughing Water Capital1/24/2021$AIMFF, $CDMO, $PAR, $USAT
Longleaf Partners Fund1/17/2021
Longleaf Partners Global Fund1/17/2021
Longleaf Partners International Fund1/17/2021
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap Fund1/17/2021
LRT Capital1/15/2021
Madison Dividend Income Fund1/18/2021
Madison Investors Fund1/18/2021
Madison Mid Cap Fund1/18/2021
Madison Small Cap Fund1/18/2021
Massif Capital1/21/2021
Merion Road Capital1/12/2021$PINS, $FCPT, $FERGY, $MHH, $RMCF, $LNSR
Miller/Howard Investments1/27/2021
MPE Capital1/13/2021
Myrmikan Research1/15/2021
NZS Capital1/17/2021
Oakmark Fund1/11/2021$FISV, $KKR
Oakmark Select Fund1/11/2021
Oakmark Global Fund1/11/2021$NVS, $KDP, $LYV, $PINS
Oakmark Global Select Fund1/11/2021
Old West Capital Management1/11/2021$WLDBF.
Palm Valley Capital Fund1/05/2021
Polen Capital - Focus Growth1/22/2021$ILMN, $CRM.
Polen Capital - Global Growth1/22/2021
Polen Capital - International Growth1/22/2021
Pzena Investment Management1/21/2021
Richie Capital Group1/10/2021
RiverPark Large Growth1/14/2021$SNAP, $PINS, $BX, $UBER, $EXAS, $LMT, $DXCM.
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund1/14/2021
RV Capital1/15/2021$WORK
Smead Value Fund1/26/2021
Spree Capital1/18/2021$CDLX, $UPWK.
St. James Investment Company 1/10/2021
Steel City Capital1/25/2021$LSYN, $ATEX, $EBAY, $TRUP, $WDFC
Summers Value Fund1/21/2021$BASI, $ELMD, $MODV
Tao Value1/21/2021
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund1/20/2021$FNMA, $AMH
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value Fund1/20/2021
Third Avenue Value Fund1/20/2021$LAZ, $SVNDY.
Upslope Capital Management1/15/2021
Vltava Fund1/05/2021
Vulcan Value Partners1/26/2021
Wedgewood Partners1/13/2021$PGR, $SPGI, $TSCI
Weitz Hickory Fund1/27/2021
Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund1/27/2021
Weitz Partners Value Fund1/27/2021
Weitz Value Fund1/27/2021
Whitebrook Capital1/26/2021
Horizon Kinetics1/30/2021
Harding Loevner Global Equity1/30/2021
Harding Loevner International Equity1/30/2021
Harding Loevner International Small Companies Equity1/30/2021
Harding Loevner Global Small Companies1/30/2021
Davis Financial Fund.1/30/2021
Davis Global Fund1/30/2021
Davis International Fund1/30/2021
Davis New York Venture Fund1/30/2021
Davis Opportunity Fund1/30/2021
Crestcat Capital1/30/2021
Polen Capital - International Small Company Growth1/30/2021
Polen Capital - U.S. Small Company Growth1/30/2021
Ensemble Fund1/30/2021$RACE, $NVR

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